samedi 16 février 2013

WATT (by Himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Et ainsi de suite, jusqu'à ce que toute trace soit perdue…"

Samuel Beckett, Watt

Bonne pioche ce matin, par hasard, en cherchant sur la Toile tout autre chose !

Primo, ces images inédites de Beckett in vivo, lisant le journal (au bistrot ?), puis s'éloignant. Avec en bonus la voix de Beckett himself, lisant son Watt.

Deuzio, ces pages arrachées au manuscrit original de Watt !!!!

Ah ne suis-je pas chic d'aussitôt faire tourner ces trucs stupéfiants ?!
L. W.-O.

Ces pages de notebook 

(et les explications ci-dessous) 

ont été piqués ici

The original manuscript of Beckett’s Watt, written in ink and colored crayons between 1940 and 1945, numbers 945 pages in six notebooks and loose sheets. The manuscript features many changes, deletions, and additions, and numerous doodles, sketches, mathematical calculations, rhyming schemes, and drawings.
Watt is a whale of a manuscript—a white whale. Among the thousands of modern manuscripts in the Ransom Center, it glows like a luminous secular relic. It is, at moments, magnificently ornate, a worthy scion ofThe Book of Kells, with the colors reduced to more somber hues. The doodles, cartoons, caricatures, portraits en cartouche include reminiscences of African and Oceanic art, the gargoyles of Notre-Dame, heraldry, and more. Beckett’s handwriting is at its most deceptively cursive. Eppur si legge! And it “reads” in other ways too. Jorge Luis Borges, examining Watt tactilely, sensed something of its extraordinary qualities, which, obviously, must transcend the visual. He asked his companion to describe it to him. This she did in detail, Borges nodding, “Yes, yes,” with a happy smile throughout her description.

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